Own Your Mind


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released January 16, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio in Syracuse, New York.



all rights reserved


REPS Rochester, New York

Upstate New York Organized Chaos.

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Track Name: Own Your Mind
Before you consume their false ideals
Justified violence, society kills
They're playing with your mind
Over and over they try
They want to control you
Fueled by fear and ignorance
They wanted to mould you
And now they own your mind

Can't you see what they're trying to do?
You're running blind

They follow you whether you like it or not
You're being watched

There will always be something on my back
Thats just something that i will have to accept
No time to react
I've got to fight back

Were fucking suffocating
We've got to fight back
We can't lose our ambitions
Fuck you
Track Name: Zealots
Don't berate me with misguided beliefs
You're all the saddest souls that I've ever seen
Without a mind to think for yourself
You find your salvation where I find hell

Some people go through their entire life
Looking for guidance from a cult of spite
I chose to live in the here and the now
And refuse to fall for some sick sad tale

Wars fought in the name of a god
Blood spilled from these false lessons taught
When will you wake up,open your eyes?
We're killing each other all for a lie

Well as for me the last place ill be seen
Is begging for salvation on my fucking knees
That whole charade is hardly what it seems
A crutch for the week minded and a fallacy

Misguided, blindfolded
Stumbling through life on the ideals of another
The zealots, the vultures
Praying on those week enough to buy into bullshit
Track Name: Worm Burner
Comfort at an all time low
Desolate wasteland where nothing grows
Bricks stacked on bricks
Cold blood, stained cement
I've long lost hope so it don't phase me
Made my home with the sick and weary
No trust here and there never will be
Shake my hand right before you kill me

There's no trust here at all
oh how the mighty will fall
I'm just so sick of this home

Over crowded, over thinking, over everything in sight
Nothing matters nothings worth it
Turn your back and say goodnight

I've made this broken place my fucking paradise
Track Name: If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It
Growing weary, growing tired
I feel my mind wearing thin
These pills dont fucking make it better
Or stop me from hating who I've been

I've created my own hell to dwell in

I am a product of regret
I am a product of pain
Is it all in my head?

I'm not a martyr
I'm a mess
My sanity's wearing and is hanging by its final threads
Burnt down every bridge that I ever built
Drowning in a sea of anger plagued by endless guilt
Disdain has graced me with the strength
that I once lacked to pull out the daggers you placed in my back

I'm so sick and tired of putting faith in anybody
I cant find a reason to believe in anything
I've long given up on the hope that it will soon get better
Is there any solace in succumbing to this hell?

The stress is building and I can't take this weight
This hopeless feeling makes me suffocate
I can't pretend to keep the pain at bay
While struggling to keep my mind above this wake

Running in circles, a vicious spiral down
How can i move forward when I'm always looking back?
I'm so sick of dwelling on my past mistakes
Every time I do it feels like I'm snapping my own neck
Why can't I just erase the past?

I'm not a martyr I'm just a victim whose pain can be traced to the mistakes I've made
Each day it gets harder there is no catharsis
Just a misanthrope dwelling in self dug graves
Track Name: Battlegrounds
Back at it again
Can you hear me?
Am I speaking clearly?
We're at a loss backtracking, not running away
We need to put our past aside
Come together, take control of our lives

Don't tread on me
You're fast asleep
Dreaming of a better way to be more like sheep
I've been awake too many days
Preparing for the downfall of our brothers reign

No we fucking wont go down that easily
Its hard to see through all the smoke
Dont choke under his aggression
Release his grip upon your throat you're risking suffocation
I won't stand by and let him pillage what's left of our kind
I want a better world for those next in line

Don't tread on me
You're fast asleep
Dreaming of a better way to be more like sheep
I've been awake too many days
Preparing for the downfall of our brothers reign

No its not to late
We'll fucking die trying or end up MIA
At least we stood up, put our hoods up
Grabbed our guns said our goodbyes
Met our demise and fucking blew up

How much longer will we let them push us around?
How much longer will we let them gun us down?
(Our battlegrounds)

We will not give up

Left to die by those whose ignorance validates inequality
Burn this whole city down
Burn it down burn it to the ground
Your tear gas wont disperse the truth
We know who you are

The fire lights up the sky revealing those who can't hide
From our existence, persistence is the key to victory

Let us stand together