Poisoned Youth


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released April 29, 2016

Recorded by Jordan Foehner, Mike Till & Jason Thompson.

Guest Vocals on "Pasty" performed by Cory Diaz of The Weight We Carry
Guest Vocals on "Deathbed" performed by Kyle Bihrle of Sirens & Sailors

Mixed & Mastered by Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio; Syracuse, New York.




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REPS Rochester, New York

Upstate New York Organized Chaos.

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Track Name: Something We Love
You hate us anyway

You don’t owe us nothing
Its where were comfortable to us this is something
Its our own path follow or fuck off
You come correct kid
Its why we rep this way
Its why we rep
Its why we rep this
Its why rep
You hate us anyway

You don’t owe us nothing
Its where were comfortable to us this is something
Its our own path follow or fuck of
You come correct kid
Its why we rep this way

(We've got something we love)

Its why we rep this
Track Name: Rust
When it gets bad it gets worse
You can’t fix what’s broken can’t take back how much it hurts
My composure starts to rust
And all you do is lay me down in salt

Go on and leave me to bleed
Until I accept defeat
You live your life like a leech
That’s all you' ll ever be

It makes me sick to think I saw a person inside you,
You could never hope to be
I wont fall prey to this old routine
Where you make my life a living hell again

When you look back on all the shit you’ve done
How do you sleep at night you worthless fucking scum?

How do you sleep at night?

I've played the fool long enough
Cant fix whats forever broken
I cant save you you're already damned
Cant make a monster a person
I cant make you feel a fucking thing

How do you sleep at night?
You were nothing but a waste of time

I now realize looking back
I was drowning you were an anchor around my neck

So when you're drowning in the water
I hope you sink to the deep
And when you're rotting in a gutter I hope you fall asleep
And when you never wake up
I hope you dream of me
Track Name: Valor
I never learned from my mistakes
I'm not giving up, never fading away
Into this wasteland of lost hope and rejection
I’ve fought my way through every force
Hell bent on my destruction
Fuck what they say I stand for something that’s worth more.

I’ll stay the course
I’ll make the stand
Never bow to the things in my way
I have my goals and I have my plans
And if I fail at least I went out trying

I will never let my past mistakes define me
I’m not burning out, I won’t fade away

I’ll stay the course
I’ll make the stand
Never bow to the things in my way
I have my goals and I have my plans
I stand for something that’s worth more

Fuck what they say, I stand for something that’s worth more
Fuck what they say, they’ll never take away my ambition.
Track Name: No Demons
There is a hell
You’ve already seen it
Open your eyes
You’ll finally believe it
It’s in plain sight
It’s the world we live in
We are all the makers
Of our own damnation.

There are no demons
Just people cutting others down for
No reason We look away and never
Pick up the pieces
Depreciating every day
The self exterminating race
Consumed by our malevolence
Until we waste away.

We’ve become so pestilent
As we push mankind towards the end
Nothing left to save
Our malice fuels the fire everyday
The worlds an evil place
But we made it that way, We have become
A living breathing plague.

Self righteous
Or self loathing
We held the keys for our futures to thrive
Soon nothing will matter
We created this hell, now we’re burning alive.

We are an abomination

We’ve become so pestilent
As we push mankind toward the end
Nothing left to save
Our malice fuels the fire everyday
We are a living breathing plague
We are a plague
Track Name: Dead In The Water
I want to believe that we can be more than this

Mankind is lost, we’ve hit a wall
At our lowest yet falling further
There is no progress, no resolve
All ambition Dead in the water
All is lost, we refuse to face it
Close our eyes and ears so we can complain less
How can we be so complacent?
Apathy plagues our generation

I want to believe that we could be more than this
Will my legacy be defined by my generations sins?

We are so lost and so deranged
A revelation that we are all helpless
Sharing our forefathers fate
Because we never learn from their mistakes

Our flaws define us
There’s nothing we can do.
climb the ladder reach the roof
and fall right through

Climb the ladder, reach the roof
And fall right fucking through
We are the poisoned youth

Were chasing shadows in the dark
Running blind with scissors in our hands
Building bridges just to watch them fall
So immersed in narcissism

We’re all victims of our own defects.
Deficient beings and it seems sad
We all coast through our existence
Mourning the lost hope we never had

Climb the ladder, reach the roof
And fall right fucking through
We are the poisoned youth.
The poisoned youth
Track Name: Courage Has No Color
Why do we divide each other?

When courage has no color
Blatantly denying we are on a dead end path
But our future can’t be promised if we won’t learn from the past.

So Narrow minded
So out of touch
You can cast your judgments
I could hardly give a fuck

Courage has no color
Why do we cling to hate
Ignorance prevails
There is no bliss in this day and age

We’re blindly pacing
Towards an impending grave
A path to self destruction
Intolerance leading the way

We need to save the future
For our sons and daughters
Before they follow suit
Like sheep to a slaughter
We can’t erase what’s been said and done
But if we stand together
We can finally rise above
And watch the racist cowards fucking burn

What will it take to make them learn?
Ignorance knows no cure
We bleed the same blood as each other
Courage has no color

Which demographics in your crosshairs today?
Which worthy race should catch all of your hate?
You’re a fucking disgrace
There is no truth in anything that you say
You’re all mindless cowards refusing to change.

So narrow minded, so out of touch
You can cast your judgments, I don’t give a fuck
So narrow minded so out of touch
So narrow minded so out of touch

We are all equal to each other
Courage knows no color
Track Name: Pasty (ft. Cory Diaz of The Weight We Carry)
They’ll find out what you know
Tear your skin from bones
Reach into your soul
And take control
They’ll take control

I wanna see if there is any truth to be found
Inside of your diluted mind
Ignorance has become contagious
We fight each other while they contain us

We’re all pawns in this sick and twisted game
Following what’s on the TV screen
Just mindless drones
Do what you’re told
Just fit the mold
You sold your mind, fell in line
And now they own your soul

Stand down and do what you are told

Some politicians are just villains In a two piece suit

They stuff their pockets and pretend they know what’s best for you
They’re Counting dollars, all the powers held above our heads
While we kill each other, carrying on the bloodshed

Fuck them and their manifest of mind control
We need to rise above the smoke
Deceptions spreads like fire and it burns us all
The media struck the match
But our petty fucking stigmas were the can of gas

Step back and take a look
Misinformation is the drug they push
You’re fucking hooked
They’re all thieves and crooks
And their agenda’s clear
Hate-mongers feeding off the peoples’ fears
They wanna learn what you know
Rip your skin from bones
They wanna take control
Time to rise above and say fuck them all

Stop falling prey to these inherited fears
Their feeble influence means nothing when it falls on deaf ears
So stop letting them tell you how to live
We’ll tear those bastards down brick by brick
Track Name: Deathbed (ft. Kyle Bihrle of Sirens & Sailors)
I watched you wither and waste away
I can’t say I felt a fucking thing
You’ll get no sympathy from those who were your prey

Close to the end and it can’t come any faster.
You caused pain your whole life never apologizing for a thing
You fucked up lives and you ruined futures
Now you’re wasting away on a deathbed
And there’s No one at your side and it’s no surprise
You lived an empty life
Now we’re all waiting for your demise

The bitter end never sounded so sweet
When you’re gone the weight will be lifted
My mother’s back has been crippled
Bearing the pains that you have inflicted
And now I feel so distant

Fuck you and good riddance to the life that you once lived
It will be a relief to a generation
I can say it with no hesitation
Now things can change from the way they’ve been

Close to the end, let it come faster
I’ve longed for this moment let death come take her
Buried beneath the dirt
This is the fate you’ve earned

And for the record no one owes you shit
And just for the record I don’t give a shit
I barely knew you and from what I’ve been told
You sold your soul for a crutch and now it burdens us all

I watched you wither away
Track Name: Face To Face
Facing my worst fears
But do I let them win?
Abandon my convictions
To live a life of sin
My anger gives me hatred
I bottle it inside
I've never felt this hopeless in
My whole life

Face to face with evil
But Do I let it in?
And turn my back on the life
That I have sworn to live
My conscience starts to falter
My will has lost the fight as I
Embrace my inner darkness
And turn my back on the light

Your prayers cannot save me
Your prophecies wont decide my destiny
There will be suffering

Face to to face with evil
But do I let it in?
Track Name: Vigilant
It's easier than you think to catch a rat
Just set the bait
Sick back and wait
I wouldn't hesitate to put you in your place
Karama's a bitch but you get what you give

When you're spreading seeds of misery
Like it's a daily reutine
Vigilant to your backstabbing tendencies
Through the dark I see the light
I don't need scum like you in my life

You'll get what's coming to you
Rest assured, your true colors shine right through
All the lies and the shit you spew
I should have known all along this was a game
You play the part to manipulate
and sneek behind my back to bury the blade

How can one be so void of morals?
Not a trace of a conscience to be found
Never facing the consequence of your own actions
I've got you figured out
You're a fake and you always have been
Your intentions are never pure
Thrive at the expence of others
You're a disease and karma is the cure

You see time is not on your side
Soon no one will have sympathy for you to find
You open up with the gates of lies
How's a vulture like yourself supposed to survive?
And in the end you will be a lone
No shoulder to cry on, no place to call home
You made your bed when you chose this path
Now you're nothing but another ghost from my past

Sneeking behind our backs
Bury the fucking blade
Now you suffer the consequence
Bury the fucking blade