Pasty (ft. Cory Diaz of The Weight We Carry)

from by REPS

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They’ll find out what you know
Tear your skin from bones
Reach into your soul
And take control
They’ll take control

I wanna see if there is any truth to be found
Inside of your diluted mind
Ignorance has become contagious
We fight each other while they contain us

We’re all pawns in this sick and twisted game
Following what’s on the TV screen
Just mindless drones
Do what you’re told
Just fit the mold
You sold your mind, fell in line
And now they own your soul

Stand down and do what you are told

Some politicians are just villains In a two piece suit

They stuff their pockets and pretend they know what’s best for you
They’re Counting dollars, all the powers held above our heads
While we kill each other, carrying on the bloodshed

Fuck them and their manifest of mind control
We need to rise above the smoke
Deceptions spreads like fire and it burns us all
The media struck the match
But our petty fucking stigmas were the can of gas

Step back and take a look
Misinformation is the drug they push
You’re fucking hooked
They’re all thieves and crooks
And their agenda’s clear
Hate-mongers feeding off the peoples’ fears
They wanna learn what you know
Rip your skin from bones
They wanna take control
Time to rise above and say fuck them all

Stop falling prey to these inherited fears
Their feeble influence means nothing when it falls on deaf ears
So stop letting them tell you how to live
We’ll tear those bastards down brick by brick


from Poisoned Youth, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


REPS Rochester, New York

Upstate New York Organized Chaos.

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