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It's easier than you think to catch a rat
Just set the bait
Sick back and wait
I wouldn't hesitate to put you in your place
Karama's a bitch but you get what you give

When you're spreading seeds of misery
Like it's a daily reutine
Vigilant to your backstabbing tendencies
Through the dark I see the light
I don't need scum like you in my life

You'll get what's coming to you
Rest assured, your true colors shine right through
All the lies and the shit you spew
I should have known all along this was a game
You play the part to manipulate
and sneek behind my back to bury the blade

How can one be so void of morals?
Not a trace of a conscience to be found
Never facing the consequence of your own actions
I've got you figured out
You're a fake and you always have been
Your intentions are never pure
Thrive at the expence of others
You're a disease and karma is the cure

You see time is not on your side
Soon no one will have sympathy for you to find
You open up with the gates of lies
How's a vulture like yourself supposed to survive?
And in the end you will be a lone
No shoulder to cry on, no place to call home
You made your bed when you chose this path
Now you're nothing but another ghost from my past

Sneeking behind our backs
Bury the fucking blade
Now you suffer the consequence
Bury the fucking blade


from Poisoned Youth, released April 29, 2016



all rights reserved


REPS Rochester, New York

Upstate New York Organized Chaos.

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